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Prototype Intense Cycles M3 EVO!

Posted by thefixbikes on July 28, 2008

At the most recent World Cup event in Mont Sainte Anne, Canada, photographer and friend of The Fix Bikes, Sven Martin, got a spy shot of the prototype Intense Cycles M3 EVO bike.

Drool all over it because you cant have it!

Drool all over it because you can't have it!

Here’s what the founder of Intense Cycles, Jeff Steber said on Ridemonkey about the frame: “This is a 8.2-inch travel prototype I have been working on with Matti [Lehikoinen]. The idea was to make a lighter, less-is-more race rig. There are two of these with different geometries & they were fabricated out of various exsisting parts. Once we get things worked out the packaging will be cleaned up. The one in the pic weights in @ 37#, It will not replace the Socom.”

There you have it, straight from the mouth of the man behind Intense Cycles.


2 Responses to “Prototype Intense Cycles M3 EVO!”

  1. John Laurel said

    Uhm…won’t Intense’s line-up get quite confusing? I mean, if the M6 is their flagship, full-fledged DH Bike and the Socom their lightweight technical terrain DH Bike…then what would the M3 EVO be for?

  2. Fredrik Hansson said

    The M3 would be for those who think the m6 is overkill , like the design but want a ligther one. I def like it

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