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Red Bull Rampage Course Photos/Video

Posted by thefixbikes on September 29, 2008

Check out the insane terrain that is going to be used for this year’s Red Bull Rampage freeride event. No dirt jump bikes and open face helmets here! Can’t wait to see the outcome with riders like the Athertons shredding next to Berrecloth and Zink. Holy cow!

What’s both cool and frightening is that this location is in the middle of the desert, miles away from civilization on crappy dirt roads. It’s one thing to huck your meat at a ski area or in your hometown with the hospital a few minutes away. Out here, you’re on your own and exposed. The organizers will have helicopters on hand for life-threatening situations, but if you compound fracture your leg and the injury isn’t life threatening, let’s hope you enjoy the bumpy-ass, hour-long ambulance ride to the hospital.

Here’s an interview at the site with the awesome course designer, Big Red Ted

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This doesnt look too bad, right?

This doesn't look too bad, right?

Oh wait, the booter its way up there?!?! INSANE

Oh wait, the booter it's way up there?!?! INSANE

Here she is, the 60 foot canyon gap jump! Uh, hmmm. Yeah.

Click to enlarge: Here she is, the 60 foot canyon gap jump! Uh, hmmm. Yeah.


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