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Red Bull Rampage Results

Posted by thefixbikes on October 6, 2008 and have all the news, videos and photos you could ever want to see!

Brandon Semenuk wins the 2008 Red Bull Rampage!
Kurt Sorge 2nd
Thomas Vanderham 3rd

Miscellaneous information: Gee Atherton dislocated his shoulder on his last run before his final run, Josh Bender was on site and helped Gee pop it back in! Cameron Zink and Darren Berrecloth had some creative and aggressive lines that seemed to go “under-judged.” Thomas Vanderham won “best trick” with a suicide no-hander over the 60 foot canyon gap. Lots of riders got knocked out or “semi” knocked out. Since rain pushed the finals back to Monday, not many spectators were at the event but there were still hundreds of people present who were working or part of the event. Incredible! Thanks Red Bull!

Saturday qualifying was rained out, so they qualified yesterday and finals are probably going on as this gets typed. Here are results from yesterday:

1. Cam McCaul
2. Brandon Semenuk
3. Gee Atherton – Commencal
4. Darren Berrecloth – Specialized
5. Kyle Strait – Specialized
6. Michal Marosi
7. Dan Atherton – Commencal
8. Cedric Gracia – Commencal
9. Paul Basagoitia (tie)
9. Robbie Bourdon (tie)
9. Cameron Zink (tie)
12. Kurt Sorge
13. Graham Agassiz
14. Mike Hopkins (tie)
14. Thomas Vanderham (tie)


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