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Dirtlabs Mountain Bike Suspension Service and Tuning Center

Posted by thefixbikes on November 5, 2008

Luby is the Man Behind Mountain Bike Suspension Tuning at Dirtlabs

Luby is the Man Behind Mountain Bike Suspension Tuning at Dirtlabs

We’re pretty lucky here at The Fix. We live in a great town that loves bikes, we have the Rocky Mountains minutes away and we have our own dirt jumps in our backyard. How could it be much better? Well, it just got better because Dirtlabs Mountain Bike Suspension Tuning and Service Center has moved in next door! We are full-suspension mountain bike nerds and when our suspension isn’t dialed, we get grumpy.

Now, the grumpy times are few and far between with Dirtlabs next door. Dirtlabs is a full-service shop for mountain bike fork and shock service, custom tuning and performance ugrades. “Luby” has been in the suspension service industry for a while and he can support any brand of suspension product (Fox, Rockshox, Marzocchi, Maverick, Manitou, DT Swiss and Cane Creek). Your janky, sticky fork or shock will get the lovin’ it needs, so your wheels can stay glued to the ground on the trail.

Take advantage of the slow winter riding season and get your suspension dialed in now. Come springtime, you’ll be stoked you did! Visit to keep your squishy from being a rigid : )


3 Responses to “Dirtlabs Mountain Bike Suspension Service and Tuning Center”

  1. keith said

    I have a ’05 fox 36rc2 that needs to have the talas & rebound cartridges rebuilt. Is this something you can do for me? Would like to have my ’06 fox dhx air shock serviced at the same time. I live in littleton and could deliver them to you. Any racer discounts?

  2. Hey Keith,

    All those things can be done for sure. You can come to The Fix and drop them off. Call us at 303.939.8349 and we can give you more information. Or you can visit for contact info, too.


  3. The Don said

    This “Luby” guy seems to good to be true! Is he as dreamy in real life as he looks on the web?

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