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Get Mountain Bikes in our National Parks!

Posted by thefixbikes on December 23, 2008

This from Tammy Donahugh over at IMBA. She rides a Superco, does sweet toboggans and is trying to get our lazy asses more trails to ride. CLICK IT OR TICKET!

Hey Everyone –

Here at IMBA I get “action alerts” of all sorts since we are an international organization and there is always something happening somewhere that relates to mountain biking. This time however, the issue relates to everyone in the US and is already in our favor!

We’ve been hard at work in DC proposing a rule change with NPS (National Parks Service) to help get mountain biking trails into our National Parks. Right now to get a MTB trail into a National Park they must go through a special regulations process which can take years. If the rule change goes through, decisions would be made at the level of individual parks, rather than at the central National Park Service office.

To make this change official they must offer a 60 day comment period which is happening now. Click on the link below to take you to the website which not only explains this further, but has a link that says “please file your comments today”. You can submit the pre- written letter or customize it, and then hit “send message”. It should take you just a few minutes and everything is automated for you. It’s important that they receive thousands of comments in favor of the rule change to ensure it stays intact. Here’s the link:

Cheers to you all & Happy Holidays!!




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