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2010 Intense Bikes at the The Fix! Tracer, Spider 2, Uzzi VP, Slopestyle

Posted by thefixbikes on March 16, 2010

2010 Intense Bikes and Frames are in stock and looking awesome. The pictures don’t need much introduction on this one, all I can say is that as good as they look in the photos they are even better in person. Intense simply represents the pinnacle of quality and craftsmanship in mountain bikes. Combine that with their unrivaled knowledge of how to make a bike ride and you get some of the best product available today. Enjoy.

Tracer VP
The Intense Tracer is a bit of a chameleon bike, it can be set up to be either a lighter xc shredder or a super fun enduro/all mountain bike. We have completes built up in both styles, one with a Fox 36 and the other with the lighter Fox 32 Talas in QR15. $4250 with the Talas, $4600 with the 36.

Intense Tracer Complete with Fox 36

Intense Tracer White with Fox Talas

Spider 2

The Intense Spider 2 comes in at an awesome price point for the XC and trail bike crowd, getting you legendary Intense quality and performance at a price that competes with the big guys. Spec’ed out with Intense’s SRAM kit and Fox F120 RLC fork, this machine comes in at $3400.

Intense Spider 2/ F120RLC/ Sram kit

Intense Framesets

If you already have your parts or are just looking to do a totally custom build on your new ride, all Intense bikes are available as framesets. Intense has a couple of hot new models out with the Uzzi VP and the as-new-as-it-gets park and play bike, The Slopestyle.

Intense Uzzi VP

All mountain destruction… this bike redefines what a trail bike can be. This one is for the off-road heroes, the guys that only need one bike for any descent, any climb, any trail, anywhere. Built to be as sturdy as any bike out there, this thing can climb all day but still let you send anything on the way back down with no fear of failure, and DH bike handling.

Intense Uzzi VP- Copper


As the name implies, the Intense Slopestyle is built to shred the slope in style, meaning it’s perfect for jumping, freeriding, and just having a plain old good time in the bike park. 6.5″ of travel will get you down all but the roughest of trails without much trouble, and lets it maintain the maneuverability and flickability you need to keep it steezy on the way down.

Intense SS Orange


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