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Downhill Exclusive – Specialized Demo 8, Intense M9 FRO, and Knolly Podium

Posted by thefixbikes on March 16, 2011

Specialized Demo 8

Already boasting race proven, World Cup winning geometry, Specialized is known for pushing the limits and standards for race bikes. The all-new 2011 Demo 8 has several mentionable enhancements from its predecessor, which improve handling and makes it faster.  The first time on the bike feels stable, light, and more nimble than other DH bikes.  The 2011 Demo 8 is sure to have you pushing your limits as it begs for more speed.

The 2011 Demo 8 frame is ¾ of a pound lighter than the 2010.  The reduction in weight is from using M5 Alloy, shortening the chainstays and headtube, as well as trimming the sharp corners from the bike and reducing small crevices that harbor mud.  Each change helps this bike perform on the gnarliest trails and courses.

The shortened headtube (112mm) and lower bottom bracket drop the bikes center of gravity helping it handle corners and feel stable while the shortened chainstays increase the quickness.

The rear hub spacing is 12 x 150mm in 2011 to accommodate for more DH hub and wheel options.  However the hydro formed tubeset is formed precisely so you won’t hit your ankle on the chainstays while pedaling.

For 2011 the rear shock connects to a extension shock yoke allowing the shock pivot to line up beside the tire and move with bearings instead of the bushing.  Therefore the suspension rate is more progressive and finely tuned.

BB 30 comes standard on all new Demo 8s.  This will eventually allow for stronger and lighter drive options.  They are currently threaded to allow adaptors until DH BB30 technology is further developed.

Overall, Specialized sets the bar high with its out-of-the-box, finely tuned machine that yearns for speed.  You will feel more comfortable at higher speeds and this bike will make you faster.


Intense M9 FRO

As Intense’s new flagship DH bike, the M9 has been in the making for two years.  The Intense Pro Team riders have had great success on the new bike and it finally available to everyone.  The custom geometry adjustability allows each rider to fine tune so may aspects of this bike to make it the perfect ride.

The G3 dropout system has three options to fine tune your chainstay length and make minor bottom bracket height and head angle.  However, the Cane Creek Angleset headset can be adjusted in half-degree increments between -0.5 and +1.5 degrees.  Find your perfect setup for obliterating each course.

Intense uses a Travel Adjustment Module you can adjust to set you bike up with 8.5”, 9”, or 9.5” of travel.  Furthermore, the M9 has three options to adjust shock curve and change the progressiveness of the shock.  Cane Creek created the Double Barrel rear shock with dual valves, which keeps the M9 grounded in rough rock gardens and super steep sections.

The Fix has ridden and worked with customers for year to help find the perfect fit.  If the custom adjustability sounds too much let us help you make the correct fit for you, your riding style and terrain.  When tuned correctly, this bike flys downhill and feels completely stable.  It could be the best choice for you if you’re picky about your bike setup and obsessed with fine tuning for each race course.


Knolly Podium

Knolly is a small and growing frame builder in British Columbia.  The Knolly Podium is their standout purebred racing machine.  The 2011 Podium embodies everything learned from the start of Knolly three years ago.

The Knolly Podium has a good following of freeriders and racers as it offers versatility for a wide range of riding styles.  The bike feels strong and stable riding park, the Redbull Rampage, or World Cup circuit courses.

Built with racers in mind, the Podium is built long, slack and low to the ground providing 8.4” of travel using Knolly’s proprietary Four by 4 Suspension System.  You’ll be able to race this bike for years with all the CNC machined parts and INA bearings that are said to outlast other commonly used bearings.

With a coil shock this bike can weigh less than 37 lbs, but the frame is built to be durable and take a beating on the toughest trails.

The geometry of the bike allows the rider to be in a forward aggressive position and charge the trail with more traction and control.  The super stiff rear end and stroke of the shock with superior mid-stroke support improves confidence and stability while riding.


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