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Cove Bikes available at The Fix Bike Shop

Posted by thefixbikes on August 3, 2011

Cove Bikes LogoThe Fix is amped to introduce Cove Bikes into the line-up of manufactures.  It another great fit for us.  As an all mountain, dirt-loving shop, we welcome bike manufactures that solely focus on the mountain bike niche.

Cove Bikes have some great heritage.  Starting in 1981, Chaz and his bros started building trails and fabricating custom bikes that were more progressive to suit their trails and riding style.  This was the beginning of the famous North Shore trail system in BC that continues to push the limits of the best riders. 

Cove Bikes were first designed and made in the Cove Bike Shop on the North Shore of Vancouver British Columbia, Canada.  Each bike is custom built and handmade in Vancouver.  Using Easton tubing and aerospace heat treatment, Cove realigns every bike four times to make sure they’re super straight, stiff, and ready to take a beating and keep on rolling.

The pride Cove takes in building each bike is unprecedented.  Their continued success is attributed to their dedication to the sport and their customers.  For Cove bikes, it’s not about where you’re going or how fast you get there, it’s only about making sure you enjoy the ride along the way.

Shocker DH

The Shocker is Cove’s World Cup winning DH bike.  For 2011 it’s lighter, stiffer, and faster. The Cove Shocker DH has one of the best rear ends in the business with the World Cup proven Cove Dual Link suspension platform and a custom tuned Elka shock providing 8.2 inches of buttery smooth travel for your riding pleasure.

Keeping up with the latest in DH development, the Cove Shocker has a slacker headtube (64 degrees) and lower bottom bracket.  The slackened headtube helps the bike glide over rock gardens and other tough terrain while the BB placement lowers the rider’s center of gravity and rips around corners with ample control.

Cove makes great bikes that are built to last forever or at least until you want to upgrade to another Cove.  Designed and built by riders for riders. Cove bikes rip.  Call The Fix with questions and to get your own hand-built custom Cove Shocker.


Based on the big daddy Cove Shocker, the STD has slightly less travel with 7.5 inches making it an awesome free ride bike with exceptional geometry.  As a shorter travel DH the STD climbs exceptional well with the dual link suspension from Cove.

Built to ride aggressively, the STD will please you on Enduro and DH courses.  It’s perfect for someone just getting into DH racing or riding.  The 1.5 inch headtube gives you al the fork options and allows you to run Cane Creek angle sets to optimize your slack headtube angle.

Like other STDs you’ll have it forever, but it’s definitely the only STD that will keep you grinning with every flare.  Can’t wait to contract your very own STD; The Fix will help you find the feeling.

G Spot

The G-Spot is the flagship do-it-all bike from Cove.  6 inches is the perfect amount of travel for an all mountain destoyer.  The dual link suspension delivers an extremely predictable linear suspension with good pedaling efficiency.  The G-Spot is well balanced so it rips corners and shreds technical trail making the trail more enjoyable.

The frame weighs slightly more than 7 lbs and climbs well as it doesn’t bob unless the suspension is needed to hug the trail.  The real fun begins when you drop in for the descent.  The G-Spot sucks up terrain and still feels lively and agile when pumping corners and popping off trail features.  Again it offers great balance of consuming all obstacles but giving the rider great feedback and understanding of the terrain.

The Fix’s own Alex Clark rides the G-Spot, and loves the feel of the bike on trail and around fast corners.  The G-Spot is super versatile and likes to play as much as possible.


The Cove Hooker likes it rough and is always willing to put out.  It’s smooth, sexy, and is always ready for a good time.  The Hooker is at home and best turning tricks in the slopestyle park or 4X courses.

Developed from years of hard riding and work from top pro riders, the Hooker takes off like a hardtail yet provides the perfect amount of cush when it gets rough or you come up short.

The Cove Hooker is made to last and will make you feel good every time you ride her.  The custom tuned 4 bar suspension system, 4 inches of rear wheel travel, and race proven design with an 1.5 inch headtube and Easton RAD tubing make the Hooker a dream bike for any racer looking to make a statement in and out of competition.

Hustler XC

The Hustler from Cove Bikes blurs the line between an XC bike and all-mountain dually.  Ideally built for longer epic rides, the Hustler is stout and built to withstand beating after beating.  It’s truly a low maintenance machine.  We’ve never heard anyone break one down or have problems with any piece of the frame.  MBR Magazine in the UK gave the Cove Hustler a 10 out of 10 in their annual review.

On the trail, Cove’s proprietary four-bar suspension design climbs really well with the Fox RP23 rear shock.  With 5.5 inches of travel, it surprised some of our riders.  The Hustler outperforms competitors on descents.  Cove’s North Shore riding heritage shines through as the Hustler can devour gnarly descents.  Even on DH trails the Hustler was impressive.

Owning the Cove Hustler is simple; just change the brake pads and chain and you’ll be shredding trail for years.  True to its name, the Hustler is a go-getter, trail beast that makes riding more fun.

Stiffee FR

Cove’s Stiffee is ready to get it on.  One of the best aluminum hardtail bikes in creation.  Built to accommodate oversized beefy tires and most long-travel forks, this bike can be custom built for several purposes.

All Cove bikes including the Stiffee are hand made in Canada.  They are solid and won’t let you down out on the trail.  No little blue performance enhancement pills needed.  The Stiffee from Cove is an optimized blend between strength and performance and is guaranteed to please any rider.

Foreplay MX

The Foreplay from Cove Bikes is all about fun. Perfect for urban assaults, backyard dirt jump sessions, and bike park booter fests, the Foreplay will keep you wanting more.

Built with oversized Easton RAD tubing and extra gussets on the headtube and seat stay, the Foreplay likes it rough.  The precise geometry is designed to keep the rider low and make the bike more agile.  With ample tire clearance, you’ll be able to mount the rubber of your choice.

What else do you need for a 4X, park, dirt jumping machine.  The Cove Foreplay will keep teasin’ and pleasin’.


The Sanchez from Cove Bikes is an old school style dirt jump bike is tough and super stable at high speeds.  The slacker headtube angle and longer chainstay give it the old school feel.  The 4130 chomoly steel frame make it nearly indestructible.  Its horizonal dropouts and adjustable rear disc mount allow for 26 inch or 24 inch wheels as well as v-brake compatibility.

The Sanchez likes it dirty and isn’t sluggish or timid from the longer wheel base.  The taller front-end provides a comfortable riding position and ideal positioning for huckin’ air and whippin’ tricks.

The hand made Cove Sanchez old school feel, durability, and versatility set it apart from other DJ bikes.  You’ll love the feel and all your friends will want to see your dirty Sanchez.

Hummer XC

The Hummer started it all back in the day when mountain biking first gained popularity.  Today is no different.  A good hardtail titanium bike is still a great race bike that will last many lifetimes.  The resilience of Ti bikes is unreal.  Give a titanium bike a sand blast and it’s new again.

Cove has Lynskey Performance Designs hand build the Hummer from 3AL/ 2.5V Aerospace titanium.  Lynskey started Litespeed and has been in the titanium bike game since inception.  Standards are set and Lynskey bikes define quality.

Even though this hardtail ti bike is a racehorse, it’s still a Cove.  The Hummer is made to allow for 2.4 inch ties and longer travel forks for your custom setup for terrain.  Ride a Hummer and you’ll be feeling good from head to toe.

Handjob XC

Cove Bikes’ Handjob is one of the best hardtails available.  The geometry and construction are tested on the North Shore near the Cove.  Made from custom Tange Prestige cromoly tubing and finished with a powder coat paint that will last longer than you, the Handjob is built to be ridden forever.

As with all Cove bikes, the Handjob is hand built and tested to the extremes.  Most people refer to the Handjob as the best descending hardtail available.  The steel and geometry incorporates dynamic flex making the natural steel properties work for the rider.

Since the Cove Handjob is priced well and a bitchin bike that shralps all kinds of trail, it is one of the more popular frames they make.  What more do you need?  The Handjob is quick and dirty and provide the perfect amount of plessure.


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