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Tested- New Motocross Goods

Posted by thefixbikes on March 9, 2010

Dunlop MX51 Geomax Tires

MX51 front and rear tires

Most of the track guys here at The Fix have been running Dunlop for a while now, mostly the 756s with an occasional 952 or 755 thrown in.  The general consensus has been that they offer some of the best grip available, the trade-off being fairly quick wear and a bit of squirmyness in the 756 and 755 front tires when the prep dries up and you hit the good old Colorado blue groove.

Tread close-up

When the new MX51 tire came out, everyone was stoked to try them out, and since then it has become the tire of choice for just about everyone.  The drive traction on the rear seems pretty comparable to the 756 to me, but it is wearing longer than I am used to.  Compared to the front 756, the MX51 feels a lot more solid and planted, especially if the surface is harder.  It gives up nothing in the soft, prepped conditions though, which was where the 756 really excelled.  Having ridden the Dunlop 742, 952, 756, 755, and now MX51 front tires, I can say for sure that this is my favorite.  On all but the wettest Colorado track days, you’re bound to be doing some hard packed flat-tracking, and this is the first tire that could really handle the transition from prepped to dry without a hiccup.

Nutech Tubeless

Nutech Tubeless System

This one came via a recommendation from Jeff Slavens at Slavens Racing, who has done a number of jobs on Alex’s KTM 300 XC.  The system replaces your rim strip and bead lock with a small, high pressure, inflatable tube with a rigid case.   You inflate your tubeless strip and the pressure sandwiches the tire bead to the rim wall, creating an airtight seal.  You then inflate your tire like normal through the main valve stem and voila, tubeless tires.

The system has a number of advantages, the primary one being that it allows for lower tire pressures with no chance of pinch flats.  The 110 psi rim strip also acts as a bottom out bumper, preventing rim im dents when running pressures as low as 8 or 9 psi.  Alex has been running the system for about 8 months, and has not gotten a single puncture.

Tire inflation valve goes through nice anodized beadlock


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