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Ellsworth Demo Day – A 29er Review

Posted by thefixbikes on June 1, 2011

Big thanks to Ryan and Ellsworth Bikes for stopping by Betasso and bringing a fleet of demo rigs for our riding enjoyment.  I was stoked because this gave me a chance to test ride a couple of their 29ers in addition to an Epiphany.  Over the past few years the hype has continued to build about the big wheel 29er XC mountain bikes.  I had to check it out for myself.  Several articles have been written on the 29er subject and some speed and power tests show promising results.  Yet, I still wonder how much fun is it between my legs?

I have a bunch of friends racing 29ers and they absolutely love them.  I’ve resisted the 29er movement because of a lack of tire, fork, and wheel choices.  Now, there are many options across the board and 29ers are here to stay.

First I demoed the Ellsworth Evolve, a full suspension 29er 100mm XC trail bike.  The suspension design of Ellsworth felt supple and smooth as the bike gave me the sense I was riding a bike with much more travel.  The big wheels also could be part of this feeling as they do rollover rocks and roots with ease.  The front end felt heavier than I’m used to and the uphill acceleration was a bit sluggish.

Each lap I felt more confident and began to see the benefits of a 29er.  It rolls super smoothly and flies over technical sections both uphill and down without requiring work from the rider.  It did feel heavier uphill.  When I tried the Ellsworth Evolution, the 120mm 29er, it felt like a lot of travel for the Betasso loop trail.  Small features on the trail that used to be fun to jump off of and whip around were not the same.  I guess I would have to find other features that make the loop more exciting on a 29er.

The Ellsworth Epiphany, their 140mm trail bike, was super fun descending the Canyon Link trail although the ProPedal lockout wasn’t enough to eliminate the bob on the climb back up the hill.  This is their tried and true performer so it’s expected to ride well.

In the end, I’m still curious about the 29er and think I need more time riding one.  I’m not completely sold on them.  I like that they’re performing well and finally won a World Cup XC race as well as getting a ton of US national attention.  As an XC rider, I still struggle with its weight and handling.  Basically, my discovery is this: If you want to roll your bike over obstacles, the 29er may be for you.  If you like to place your bike and have control as you maneuver through obstacles, the 26” hooped bikes are still your best bet.


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Winter Moto Madness

Posted by thefixbikes on February 9, 2010

The winter can be a rough time of year for mountain bikers and downhillers in Colorado, the weather can bestow upon us weeks at a time of beautiful conditions, only to bury everything in snow just as it’s getting going.  This winter has been one of those years, with rideable conditions coming and going.  Still, it beats those seasons when we have ended up completely frozen in for months at a time.  Most of the mountain bike trails are up a little higher and have not been in respectable shape, which leaves mountain bikers looking for alternate means of entertainment and training.  So what can you do out in the flatland?  Well, for those of us that need to keep pedaling, it’s time to swallow our pride, don the spandex and head out on the road bike for some burning lungs, sore butts, and frozen snot.  If that doesn’t sound great to you, I would recommend what most of us here at the shop end up doing with our winter months, which is fire up the motocross bikes and hit the tracks.

Most of Colorado’s tracks are here on the front range and bit away from the slope, which lets them receive maximum sunlight and generally be the first areas to be fit for riding.  All of us here started as cyclists, whether it be in bmx, xc, or road, which makes us serious latecomers to the game of motocross where it’s not uncommon to see grade schoolers out on the track shredding.  Still, being a relative beginner at something can actually be a lot of fun when you are used to riding and competing at high level in your primary discipline.  Instead of improving in tiny increments and training hard for that extra second, you get to watch yourself improve by leaps and bounds, making every ride a new experience.  On top of that, it can make a huge difference in your mountain biking.  First of all, motocross bikes are fast… really fast.  Once you get used to the warp speed involved in moto, mountain biking just doesn’t seem that scary by comparison.  Also, motocross bikes let you get away with murder.  The mantra is “when in doubt, throttle out”, which basically means any time you get out of control or you’re not sure if you can land, avoid, or otherwise navigate something, you just mash the throttle and most of the time the bikes suspension and power will take care of it for you.  This applies over to mountain bikes pretty well, frequently riders who get themselves into a sticky situation on the trail make matters worse by panicking, grabbing the brakes, and tensing up.  Staying loose and charging through is a concept everyone can use.  Maybe most of all, motocross is awesome physical training.  You might think the motor does all the work, but I have never done any kind of cycling that provides as much overall physical punishment as moto.  After a good hard day, your legs, arms, hands, and back will all be aching with that sweet soreness that tells you you’re getting stronger.  Of course there is a level of danger involved, so it’s important to have a decent teacher to tell you what not to do, and to head out with the proper equipment right off the bat.  So if you haven’t tried it out and you’re willing to take some risks,  try getting out there and try twisting throttle.  One warning though, you may find it seriously addicting.   Until next week, enjoy a few pics of your friendly Fix staff out putting in some race laps in the Colorado winter. -PW

Yours truly on the 530, racing in a crowd.

The indoor option- #132 Mike Kreger keeping it low and loose at last weekend's kicker arenacross

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Team Save Ferris Kills it at Red Bull Soapbox Race!

Posted by thefixbikes on October 28, 2008

Vodpod videos no longer available.

The Red Bull Soapbox race in Denver happened this past weekend and it was a classic! Matt Fischer, who is a Fix Bikes race team member piloted the “Team Save Ferris” vehicle to victory. Above is their clip from the local news. Visit for all the action, including more videos and info on their vehicle! THEY KILLED IT!

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Fix Bikes Rider on 52″ LCD TV Box

Posted by thefixbikes on October 2, 2008

How cool is this? Mike Howse, a member of The Fix Bikes team from 2006, shows up on a Sharp LCD screen TV box! Every store that carries this television also carries Mike Howse on his Addict with his Fix gear. Some might say having a mountain bike ripper on a product box at Costco or Sam’s Club isn’t that cool, but we think spreading mountain biking to the masses is what it’s all about!

The Fix Bikes Team Rider on a TV Box!

The Fix Bikes Team Rider on a TV Box!

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Old-timey Intense M1 Tandem

Posted by thefixbikes on August 14, 2008

You can’t help but be stoked by this…an old photo of the Intense Cycles M1 tandem that was rolled out at a Sea Otter Classic, long ago (at least it looks like Sea Otter). A company that makes some of the nicest bikes also has a lot of fun!

At least the person in the rear gets a cushy ride!

At least the person in the rear gets a cushy ride!

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Valentine’s Day – Hoax or Hip?

Posted by thefixbikes on February 14, 2008

Do you ever wonder if Valentine’s is just a big fat hoax? The girls love it because they get presents, but for the guy it just means buying a lot of over-priced items in hopes that you stoke out your girl. Am I generalizing? Definitely. Is there some truth to this? Seems like it.

Well, whatever your motivation, have fun with the day and get some!

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The Fix Bikes on the Weather Channel “Epic Conditions” Show

Posted by thefixbikes on February 1, 2008

A few months back, the Warren Miller video crew came by the Fix Bikes to get some footage for the Epic Conditions TV show that airs on the Weather Channel. Well, we the shows are airing and you can check them out on line too. It’s brief, but it’s a start to fame, right?

the fix on the weather channel
Click the Pic to Check it Out!

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