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Customer Reviews

Have you shopped at The Fix Bikes, either in our retail store or online? If so, we’d love to hear how your experience was. We want your comments, suggestions and feedback to make The Fix Bikes the best it can be.

Just leave a comment on this post (only your name is required) to participate!

The Fix Bikes Retail Location in Boulder, Colorado

The Fix Bikes Retail Location in Boulder, Colorado


4 Responses to “Customer Reviews”

  1. P1rida said

    i always like coming into your shop and looking at the sweet stuff you guys carry. the jumps out back are great to.

  2. Marion said

    i ordered some five ten shoes through there website. they were the cheapest i found online and i got them 3 days later. good shop to deal with.

  3. Vanessa said

    Awesome customer service! I placed the order over the phone, it couldn’t have been easier. It was a matter of days between placing the order and receiving the frame at my doorstep. I would definitely recommend shopping at The Fix – great products, excellent service, prompt delivery. Thanks!

  4. Robert "Lone Dirt Jumper in Kersey" said

    You guys are awesome! About to get my 3rd frame from you guys and as always I look forward to doing more business. You definitely know what good customer service is.

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